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Your Invited!

I invite you to partner with us sharing nutritional products people want and need. Nature's Sunshine Products, NSP, is a world class company with the most advance technology ensuring top quality control and product development.   

Begin your experience by helping yourself and your family.  Gradually, you'll become more educated and want to share your knowledge by helping others.  All along the way you'll have the backing and resources of your Nature's Sunshine team to help you.


The Time Has Never Been Better!

Nature's Sunshine is an international company with over 500 products and growing in many areas of business, including; retail, direct sales, consultant, internet, education, and lifestyle coaching. Our team is looking to expand across the USA and internationally. Nature's Sunshine continues to have record sales and has been ranked in multiple trade journals, including Forbes "Most Trusted Companies".


Begin Your Journey Today!

Sharing Nature's Sunshine Products not only can provide you with a healthier life, but also income, and give you a wonderful sense of purpose, as you'll make a difference in many lives.  We are rewarded routinely with, not only seeing life changes, but experiencing life.  Many of us have traveled around the world with Nature's Sunshine and their employees sharing natural health and seeing such sights as China, Paris, Venice, Switzerland, Caribbean, Alaska, Rome, and so much more.

I welcome you to come join our Nature's Sunshine team and share health, passion, purpose, and prosperity that can be flexible as your life's journey changes.

Membership Benefits


Wholesale Prices

Purchase Nature's Sunshine at Wholesale cost and save up to 33% off Retail cost.


 Receive rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases.

  • 10% on orders between 100-499 QV (Qualifying Volume)
  • 15% on orders between 500-999 QV

$130 order = 130 QV (approx.) 

Product Diversity

Choose from over 500 quality products and more than 475 unique herbal formulas.

No Minimums

You can purchase as little or as much as you like each month.


Free health education via Nature's Sunshine webinars and resources.  Also, through team communications and direct communication with other team members and myself.

Steps to Become a Member

1.  Click the "Become a Member" button below. This will take you to the Nature's Sunshine website.

2.  Add $40 (Member Cost) or more of products to your Cart.

3.  Continue to Checkout

4.  Click the "Sign up" button in the "Become a Member" box.

5.  Complete the Checkout process.

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